IUP Women's Water Polo

IUP Women's Water Polo team is a club sport. As a new team, only in it's second season, IUP Women's Water Polo has come a long way since the first season in the Spring of 1997. The team was formed by interested women who played during the men's season but really wanted to play during the women season, against women only. For first women season, there was just enough women to play and they lost every game. But the second season, the team has grown in the number of girls and won 6 games. I know this doesn't sound like alot but to women who didn't win any games it is. The women who started the team are very excited that the team did so well this year, and the team knows there is only one way to go and that is "UP".

The team is under the direction of head coach Jim Yeamans and assistant coach Bill Srsic, the team should improve greatly with time. The team practices six days a week for 2 hours a day. One practice consists of warming up with at least a 1000 yards, then 3 sets of sprints followed by passing the ball around for a least 15 minutes. Then next thing is skill-drills like RB's, UCLA or whatever is needed and finally a scrimage is played within the team.

The teams' famous saying,


explains the way we work and why IUP will improve each year!!

Jim Yeamans was a former water polo player and graduate of Slippery Rock University and is now the head coach of IUP Women's Water Polo. Jim grew up in New Kensington, Pennsylvania and now resides in Indiana Pennsylvania with his wife and two children.

Bill Srsic is a graduate of IUP and is now persuing a career in as a graduate student. Bill played for IUP Men's Water Polo and is a great aspect to the women's team as assistant coach.

Yeamans and Srsic together form a great variety to the team but their experience as water polo players over ride the rest. The women are sure to go far in the next couple of season. Coach Yeamans always says, "initiate don't retaliate" to the team when playing in games. If you would like information about joining the Women's Water Polo team or would like additional information about the team, please contact Jim Yeamans at 349-0504.

IUP Women's Water Polo Results for 1998 Season

*****James Madison University Tournament*****

Feb. 21-22 IUP vs. Virgina Tech --> (W) IUP vs. Cornell --> (W) IUP vs. James Madison B --> (W) IUP vs. Maryland University --> (L) The overall result of the tournament is 3-1, which game IUP second place out of 8 teams.

*****Slippery Rock University Tournament*****

March 14-15 IUP vs. Salem-Teiko University --> (L) IUP vs. Penn State University --> (L) IUP vs. Bucknell University --> (L) IUP vs. Slippery Rock University --> (L) The overall result of the tournament is 0-4

*****Bucknell University Tournament*****

March 28-29 IUP vs. Penn State University --> (L) IUP vs. Queens College --> (L) IUP vs. Bucknell "A" University --> (L) IUP vs. Bucknell "B" University --> (W) The overall result of the tournament is 1-3

*****Indiana University of Pennsylvania Tournament*****

April 4-5 IUP vs. Penn State University --> (L) IUP vs. Slippery Rock University --> (L) IUP vs. Bucknell University --> (L) IUP vs. Salem-Teiko --> (W) The overall result of this tournament is 1-3

*****Richmond University Tournament*****

"Championships" April 18-19 IUP vs. Richmond University --> (W) IUP vs. JMU --> (L) IUP vs. Salem-Teikyo --> (L) IUP vs. Washington and Lee --> (L) The overall result of this tournament is 1-3 IUP Season Record for 1998 --> 6-20

IUP Women's Water Polo Roster for 1998

Head Coach: Jim Yeamans
Assistant Coach: Bill Srsic

#  Name                    Yr     Hometown 
1A Missy Brietkreutz       Gr     Pittsburgh, PA
4  Megan Simcox            Jr     Jersey Shore, PA
5  Julie Kline*            Fr     Kittanning, PA
6  Gina Herr*              So     Pittsburgh, PA
7  Kristy Winter*          Fr     Pittsburgh, PA
8  Ann Bayne               So     Camp Hill, PA
10 Laura Waggnoner*        Jr     Willow Street, PA
13 Meghan Hogan*           So     Bridgeville, PA
14 Melissa Hall*           Fr     Mechanicsburg, PA
15 Carol Kramer            Jr     Edinboro, PA

Key: Gr--> Graduate Student Sr--> Senior Jr--> Junior So--> Sophomore Fr--> Freshman * --> Rookie

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